Integrating Google Plus account with Facebook

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to integrate Google account with the Facebook addition. First you must download a browser extension.

WARNING! This extension only works in browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
To download Google Chrome extension Webstore go in search box type SGplus. ( download-link extension)
For Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers can download extension from here:
Once installed this extension will have an icon in the browser. In addition you have a Google Chrome address bar on the right.

In Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome and also near the address bar on the right.

And in Safari you will have it near the address bar but this time on the left side.

After installing it and click on the first tab will appear in the application settings as shown below:

Settings Plus plugin for Google and Facebook integration

If the tabs do not appear site Facebook as shown below click on the “Turn on Facebook Features” and definitely occur with Facebook tab.

After you have installed and you set your favorite click on the Facebook tab. You need to login on the Facebook account.

When you click on the tab Plus you’ll find that Google will not have to connect. To be able to connect must go on: and here you need to login to your account.

Now if you did everything I said above, when you want to post something on Google you will notice that over the “Share” button you will have some new icons.

If facebook button is not as shown (blue) click on the it. Now everything is ready! When you post something on Google Plus will automatically appears on Facebook too.

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