How a quality video tutorial it’s made?

Step I: Choose Topic
We can talk about anything. The subject must be chosen carefully. If we look and we never made ​​a tutorial like, or if the subject is not too common, that gives a tutorial on how to Copy-Paste. There is a good chance to get more comments and negative votes, because they look the tutorial it is considered “too easy”.
Subject generally to be an original. Originality is one of the conditions of success of a video tutorial, especially if it is posted on YouTube.

Step II: Documenting and organizing the presentation
We subject, but how do we approach? We can not just talk about it from what we know or what I heard from friends. Without solid documentation, we can show ourselves to our viewers. If he can find among them an “expert” who knows a lot about that topic?
So we put on reading. Let’s say we want to do a tutorial on software. First download the software and look closely at him and all his options.

If there is something we do not know how to approach it, or do not know how to do (eg a function), use a search engine and most likely we’ll find out.
After we know the program well, you (at least the first two or three video tutorials) to make our plan presentation, that we organize on a piece of this that software module. It can start anywhere, we must have a logical thread to be followed more easily.

Step III: Recording the tutorial
Here comes the hard part. Care should be taken and the way they talk. Do not start talking quickly and then slowly, we got bored, we must continue in the same note. Again very important, here do not apply the “long and frequent breaks, key successes.” Taking breaks, give proof of insecurity and over, who sees us can get bored and stop watching the tutorial.
From a technical standpoint, capturing a decent resolution (1280 * 720 recommended). Do not talk on the microphone and not yell, no matter how happy you are that you will appear on the Internet.

Step IV: Coding and blogging tutorial
Coding is best to do in MP4 format (as 50% is enough). It’s good to put a watermark (logo image) on your tutorials, not to be copied and put on other YouTube channels, or on other sites.
Post tutorial should be attractive. For example if you make a tutorial on how to install Windows XP, do not call “Movie_1.mp4″ but we can call it “Windows XP Installation Video Tutorial [HD]“. Today we focus heavily on HD content.

Step V: Hang out with users
It is very important to communicate with users. Therefore I said above that it is important how we documented. Should know better about what we say and maybe a little more. There are many users who have questions and we are somehow obligated to clarify. If they feel that we are not master the subject, we will see tutorials with skepticism.

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